Struggling to find a gift to show the mom in your life how much you appreciate her? We have put together a list of gift ideas to help! From kitchen gadgets to beauty products and ways to pamper, we have included a variety of options that we think any mom would love. 


  1. I may be slightly biased but my cookbook Every Last Bite is a great gift for Mom, whether she is new to cooking or a gourmet chef.
  2. The Yeti Rambler is great for keeping on the go drinks (whether its water, kombucha, wine or a cocktail) cold. 
  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea behind this Bestinnkits Coffee Set which is a coffee cup on a warming plate so that she can keep her coffee warm for hours. As someone who reheats her coffee 4 to 5 times a day, I think this is absolutely genius! 
  4. Swedish Dish Clothes have fun vibrant patterns, are super absorbent and a great addition to the kitchen.
  5. Bamboo Salt & Pepper Box can be used in the kitchen or on the table. Also love that includes a small spoon!
  6. Help Mom relax by buying her this Stone Diffuser which is a sleek looking diffuser which releases scent into the air.
  7. Get her Calm Bath Salts to help her relax in a bath after a long day. 
  8. If she really loves taking a bath then this Bamboo Bath Caddy is a great option. It is expandable to fit most bath sizes and has a drinks holder plus a stand for a book or ipad.
  9. When it comes to jewelry, it’s often hard to find a budget friendly option which is why I was so excited when I discovered these earrings. They appear high quality but are incredibly affordable so they are perfect for everyday wear.
  10. After a busy day taking care of everyone, it can be hard to switch off when its time to go to sleep. This Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a natural sleep aid that will help her fall asleep faster after just a few sprays on the her pillow.
  11. Whether it’s writing down a shopping list, to do list or just notes of things to remember, this Daily Checklist Planner is a great way for Mom to stay organized.
  12. Farmacy Farmers Gift Set includes a selection of clean beauty products that she will love.
  13. As a huge fan of Lululemon leggings, I was excited to discover these Yunoga Leggings which look and feel almost exactly the same, but are a whole lot cheaper.
  14. Le Creuset Dutch Oven is my favourite cookware!
  15. When it comes to skincare, I am a diehard The Ordinary fan. It has made a huge difference to my skin and just so happens to also be affordable. 
  16. Hair Claws are back in fashion! They are a quick and easy way for her to style her hair and I love the variety of colours that they come in.
  17. These Super Oversized Sunglasses truly look good on everyone.